Words of wisdom

Just some words of wisdom for greetings cards/stickers

Packaging/Presentation Materials Refresh


Continuing my work for Senza Tea Company, I created a new line of packaging and presentation materials including new mugs and tins over the summer months.

Brand Identity: Senza Tea Company

Total rebrand for Senza Tea Company. Everything from photography to packaging was overhauled and improved to reflect the sophistication, youth and energy of the brand. Check it out on Behance.

PAX Magazine

Throughout the last year of my degree I worked as creative director of PAX student magazine.

Event Branding: Innovating Justice Forum 2015


One of my first ‘professional’ jobs was with HiiL for the Innovating Justice Forum of 2014, so when they asked for my help again in 2015, I created a clean, simple, and dynamic set of logos to brand the Forum (in line with HiiL’s house-style), and the awards and challenge which go along with it. Take a look at the #InnoJustice hashtag on twitter to see some of the concepts in action!

Data Visualization: Spring Factor Research

Some graphics created for a Spring Factor report for the Dutch Foreign Ministry. Report details here.


Various Event Posters

Promotional Materials from a variety of events during my student days